Why ANC?

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America Nail College has approximately 2,000 square feet of space devoted to teaching the science and art of nail technique. At ANC, our mission is to offer training that prepares the student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Illinois State License Exam for Nail Technicians. In the process, our objective is to maximize the development and personal growth of each student. It is also to help each student discover his/her potential and to become nail entrepreneurs.

“I cannot say enough about how the school, administrators and staff helped me along this wonderful journey I have begun as a Stylist.”

Jenna Gibson

“I am confident I will success in this industry because of the incredible training I have received. Thank you ANC for giving me the tools to achieve greatness.”

LaKeisha Scott
  • Nail Technician Curriculum

    Total Hours : 350 hours

    This program provides the students with a basic knowledge on nail technology, which includes: professional image, bacteria and other infectious agents, sanitation and disinfection, and safety in the salon.

  • Nail Technician Teacher Curriculum

    Total Hours : 625 hours

    Students will learn the theory behind teaching strategies in classroom, practice floor, and auditorium settings. Topics covered include: learning styles, classroom management, teaching aids and others.

  • Continuing Education

    America Nail College is an authorized provider for all your Illinois Nail Technology License Renewal requirements. We can also provide cosmetologists with 2 hours of training that is good for fulfilling their Illinois requirements as well.



ANC does not recruit students attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study.


Save $900 in scholarship with ANC. Tuitions cover the appropriate kit.

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